Muay Thai Fitness is a Kickboxing Fitness Program for 1-on-1, Small Group and Large Group Formats

This is not your typical “cardio kickboxing” class or “dance martial arts workout.”

This is hardcore, intense, effective and a screaming good time!

As taught by Professional Muay Thai Fighter Bryce Krause, 7x National Muay Thai Pro Champion:
27 wins, 5 losses, 1 draw, 13 kO`s
– WBC Super Welterweight National Champion
– 2X MTAA Super Welterweight National Champion
– 4X US IMTC Super Welterweight National Champion
– 5X UWMTA Jr. Middleweight Champion
– Fought in Thailand`s prestigious Rajadamnem Stadium

Comprehensive training program which includes the following:

  • Coaching
  • History of Muay Thai and Muay Thai Fitness
  • Basics & Fundamentals
  • Warm-ups and movement
  • One-on-one Class
  • Small Group Class
  • Large Group Class
  • Striking Techniques
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Holding Thai Pads (applies to one on one, small group, and large groups)
  • Holding Kickshield
  • Cool Down
  • Detailed discussion of techniques

If you are not familiar with Muay Thai, it’s the national sport of Thailand, and one of the most effective stand up fighting systems in the world. Practitioners of Muay Thai are incredibly fit and develop strong, athletic bodies. This system of martial arts uses powerful strikes with the hands, elbows, knees and feet. This is why Muay Thai is known as “The Art of 8 Limbs.”

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