What is TACTIX?

TACTIX is a perfect blend of martial arts fitness, practical self-defense skills, boot camp intensity, body weight exercises and metabolic conditioning.

The result is a fun, revolutionary workout that burns 825 calories per hour.
Fun partner drills are used to develop timing, coordination and balance. Specific class formatting and structure (warm-ups, drills, technique, breathing, focus, intent, sequencing, mobility, conditioning, etc

TACTIX  is Fun, exciting, cutting-edge and highly effective.
TACTIX uses the latest research in metabolic conditioning (metcon) to burn more calories and attain higher levels of fitness in the shortest amount of time.
TACTIX Teaches real-world self-defense skills without the negative overtone of traditional self-defense classes. One-on-one, small group, or in a large group format.

In the past, martial arts fitness programs had inherent challenges. They were too hard to learn.
In other words, it was more like “martial dance class” that just took up space. TACTIX is different!
There are no funky dance moves, ancient philosophies, or useless routines. TACTIX is all about function, form, and fun! You will enjoy a HIGH CALORIE BURNING WORKOUT that utilizes the latest techniques in metabolic conditioning, practical self-defense and advanced fitness programming. Although TACTIX has explosive and effective self-defense applications, the energy of the class is always positive and fun. TACTIX is empowering!

TACTIX gives you the benefit of metabolic conditioning. In select phases of a TACTIX workout, the focus is on metabolic conditioning. The benefits of metabolic conditioning are extensive because almost every aspect of strength and conditioning is greatly improved. This includes the following: increases in strength & cardiovascular endurance, overall power, speed, and metabolism.

TACTIX exercises are structured together in specific protocols designed to maximize the body’s ability to store and then call upon energy from different energy pathways. For an overall fitness and self-defense benefit, we must move efficiently using energy from all energy pathways in as many varied situations as possible. MetCon is used to cover the widest range of metabolic enhancing exercises possible in the most effective and efficient way.


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